It may be wrong to love ones food

to the point of needing new pants

And I’m not alone in my indulgence as one

can see in the various sizes of jeans

Going out for a meal and weighing the cons

wondering what will this do to my buns

But I look longingly at the nights offerings

with more than a little grudge

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So I go about my business, ignoring the pleas

the calling out of sweets and good cheese

Turning my head from stocked shelves

of donuts and creams, and fresh baked bread.

Avoiding the streets with amazing windows

of chocolates and cookies with marshmallows

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As it turns out I’m not safe from windows

nor signs, nor smells, nor posters

That promise satisfaction with every bite

each flavor an utter delight

They captivated me and lure me

to places both familiar and new

So I must stay out of view

with pockets empty too

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