Soles/Souls -Hour 24-text poetry prompt

Concealing storms underneath the feet,

slippery with mustard seeds, walking on

Edges crease, burning holes with use.

There is a pontla* throbbing between the palms

That can be carried everywhere, that burden of dreams that seep into

A womb that speaks quietly to the feet,

Now covered in the toil and tears, with

Crushed mustard seeds underneath .

* pontla Bengali word meaning a small bundle of things


12 thoughts on “Soles/Souls -Hour 24-text poetry prompt

  1. I thought the word use was great in this poem. I especially liked “concealing storms underneath the feet” and “a womb that speaks quietly to the feet”. So lovely. Also, I really like when poems are able to go between languages, like your use of “pontla”.

  2. If you can write like this when your co-warriors are ready to die, at the 24th hour, of wow, I’m going to read more of your stuff!
    I’m a bangali too (from Glasgow), and I’m so happy with your pontla!

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