Re-POST: Watery Dream (Prompt One 2022)

In the right place this time! I am out of practice of posting on wordpress. May have posted in wrong place. Watery Dream I dreamt of water . . . again. I dreamt of her . . . again. It was flowing over my feet….

drowning with a view

drowning in a city is easy, smog covers the scene, you can choke as loudly as you want to and your next door neighbor will have the decency to look surprised when the ambulance arrives; he does not know you, nor you him and that’s…

Childhood, In Three Pieces (Hour Twenty-Three)

Childhood, In Three Pieces   ONE I climbed out of bed and fumbled through the hallway to the bathroom, rubbing my sleepy eyes with my tiny fists, even though Momma had told me not to. I lifted the lid and lowered my Strawberry Shortcake Underoos…

Siren song

one flick with one tail whisp of white whipping past battering the bow drowning a dream that drove him for decades prompt 16