Salty Tea

Bold dark deep brew fueled mornings wake the warrior for battle Sourcing hidden energy, intellect, stamina A sight to behold, generating tales to be told and followed Sometimes, the wind shifts, lightning strikes and scorches earth Breaking walls and infecting all that is healthy and…


I have known women who could be classified as animals; tigers, panthers, mama bears. Fortunately I never dated a snake and avoided most of the cougars.   Most. There were others who were cat-like, reflexively, flexibly, stealthy. Fiesty. Or exotic creatures.   As a younger…

Barn Swallow

Dive bomber in navy tuxedo, you are the dapperest guy on a wire.   Scissor the sky, menace the cat, buzz the corn, and   sing, baby, sing the   longest   twittered   string   of    conversational    inflections    till    you    reach    that    final   trilllllllll-tweet!

Arguments to Adopt a Baby Platypus

A baby Platypus that needs to be adopted, Should be adopted, To a good looking and funny boy, Who is the son of smart woman. The Platypus is a shy animal. It needs to be loved unconditionally to be brought out of its shell, Even…

Cat haiku

I put my seat belt on, Expect the unexpected. Cats chase sticks as well.