Hour 1 – Ending (Text Prompt)

Hillside dark, water calm A single lantern floating Veil shredded, flowers dead A sudden, rotten, bloating Bride alive, Corpse husband A shovel with sticky coating Crunching earth, shifting waves A victim left ungloating. Crime unseen, story untold The lantern no longer floating.

The Goblin’s Cottage – Hour 9, Prompt 9

There’s a strange cottage in the woods it lurks just beyond the tree line, out of sight. Even the heat of summer cannot affect the cool atmosphere around the cottage. Sometimes when I’m overheating I’ll zoom past the treeline to the lake the cottage rests…

The Breath of Life (prompt 15, Hour 12)

Original Text for Erasure Poem:  The Breath of Life by John Burroughs As life nears its end with me, I find myself meditating more and more upon the mystery of its nature and origin, yet without the least hope that I can find out the…

Firefly Children

As evening turns to night, the fireflies come out to play, as do children, their mason jars in hand.   But in my distopian world, firefly-hunting kids are a mystery, because it’s the children that glow in Steampunkland. (Prompt: Choose 5 words.)