Dresses’ Dreams

Every dress has a dream, maybe two. For me, today, my dreams came true. One, to drape the body of Lady Maribou. To be featured in a painting was my deux.   My lines are sleek, my fabric smooth. Night black of silk and made…

Strong and Silent

A marvelous artist with a perfect eye captured her better than a photographers’ lens.  Her countenance stood out from the shadows showing the victory over her pain.  Her porcelain skin was flawless and yet looked cold to touch.  She now lived comfortably in her soft, black velvet…

Tea with a Tree

Welcome to my secret garden party, Willow. She couldn’t talk back, so she just nodded. i poured tea for two, chamomile and lavender. She glanced over at the wild mint patch. I knew what to do, a leaf or two for each cup. Her long,…

Boss Hummingbird

I assume she’d tired of her nest. Maybe she just felt like the patio was best.  Less stress.  She is very protective of the place. Not sure why she would need so much space.  Just not commonplace.  She runs everyone out of her patio room….


Scream! You can’t be heard. The vacant space surrounds you like a child in a womb. It is never ending. It is everywhere. The quietness is so loud. jj2017

Intimate Dinner

Away from the crowd Where it’s quiet, my love Let’s share this moment In candlelight, my love Just me and you at this table for two Shut out the world’s sights and sound Let’s enjoy our love jj2017

Sleeping Angel

Goodnight my darling angel, sleep tight until morning comes.   Dance with stars, on a rocketship, ride a moonbeam, slumber, snooze, doze.   I know, he’s not really sleeping, but to face reality is beyond my capability.   For now, let me keep my dillusion,…

Nobody Talks To

There are people that nobody talks to. People like Allison, Greta, and Stan. Allison lost both her arms in a car wreck. Losing arms isn’t like losing a leg. Wheelchair-bound is a common disability. Not easy to live with but regularly seen. Armless girls, well,…

No New Home

The sounds just around the corner was a mystery The children listened for nights but still couldn’t solve it They tipped out one evening to see what they could find And just beside the neighborhood pond was a cute surprise The sounds were from a…

Firefly Children

As evening turns to night, the fireflies come out to play, as do children, their mason jars in hand.   But in my distopian world, firefly-hunting kids are a mystery, because it’s the children that glow in Steampunkland. (Prompt: Choose 5 words.)