Hour Four: Music’s Splendid Ability

Hour Four Prompt It devours your soul, then it spits you out.   It devours your soul, and you can’t escape. All that was hidden inside you is unveiled by music. The three to five minutes it plays feels like an eternity, and just when…

Nature Walk

I journeyed into the wood Searching for myself, As high up as the trees, And as low as the rivers flowing freely. And everywhere I turned I found no man, But in the great spirit of nature, I found my soul reflected instead.

Before Darkness

Before darkness was known… There was only light! Yet darkness was shown; As to illuminate the night. Before darkness was dark… It made all creatures blind. They heard the singing of a lark; And heard only words of the kind. Before darkness was named; It…

Naked Soul

The first drop is always the most courageous. Leaping from the hands of God, a place of perfection, Falling faster and faster, with the speed of no direction. Lack of malice, holding no contention, sweetly, softly, landing peacefully kissing my forehead, caressing away my tension….