2021 #12 – Faux

Feathers of red, orange, and yellow. Reborn from ashes yet again. Comes to those who are loyal. Taking to flight once more. Maimed a Basilisk. Tears of healing. Immense strength. Phoenix. Faux.  

Hour Twelve: After

Hour Twelve: After Doors close, eyes shut, sun sinks, tide goes out Eyesight dims, bones weaken, hand shakes Night lengthens, leaves fall, snow drifts Stone crumbles, earth fractures Calendar page flips Days piling up All of them Without You.

The Lake

Moving across the water’s surface Soft breeze dancing across my face Little birds singing their songs Sun rising in the east Come sit here with me Beside the lake And listen Let go Be

Hour Eleven: The Call

Hour Eleven: The Call Skyscraper bursting periwinkle cloud Storefront spilling needle-sharp beat My heart spread on sizzling pavement Gumboot-sticky Stomach sourdough-rancid As life pivots towards pain

2021 #10 – Beginings

A new year starts. With the hope of a new beginning. Self-improvement. New challenges with new solutions. Greater opportunities. Chances for new friends and time with old friends. Fresh starts all around. Here’s to new beginnings.

Hour Nine: Idiomsmashup

Hour Nine: Idiomsmashup A stitch in Time heals all Work and no play It’s raining cats and Dog days of Wine and roses Penny saved is a Penny for your Thoughts and prayers

2021 #9 – Fall From Grace

What have I done? Things used to be easier. Where did I make a wrong turn? When did I fall so far? Was it not yesterday, that things were better? Why did I let this darkness grow, take control of my life, change me? How…

Unexpected Impulse

Late night conversation Sitting on your couch Nothing out of the ordinary Just two friends Enjoying each other’s company I looked at you and something Stirred inside of me I took in your face Your smile, your laugh Your entire being You turned to me…

Hour Eight: Final Separation

Hour Eight: Final Separation How death sorts us Like to like Eyes gone dark go to ground Their light floats up to sun Security of feet in mud The possibility of sky

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