Hour 11 – Growth – Image Prompt

Growth Twisted, gnarled branches Entwined in growth’s embrace Supporting one another In their small shared space Like these trees are people Supporting independence When we’re little children We need a mentor’s guidance And when we learn a skill We don’t learn alone We help each…

Cheese (aged Kilmerish)

I think that I shall never eat A poem lovely as most cheese. A cheese whose hungry body is prest Against my taste buds, Mmmm – the best! A cheese that sits with God all day, And learns to sit, and sit, and age; A…

tossing towels in the forest

someone tossed the towel in the quiet of the forest morning if a tree gives up in a forest while no one is watching does it make a sound? does it even fall? or will pride glue its branches to the sky standing vindictevely though…

Old Growth

There, right there on the living room floor lays the last of an old growth forest.   Hemlock, military- tight straight grain that never again will smell the rain, the hungry draped mosses, the first sun of summer solstice.   Even horizontal with death, this…


Poem TEN has been removed and now appears on chocolate is a verb, 28 August 2016.

Haiku #2

The trees used to close me off and now ev’ryone can see me right now.


Tall and strong and graceful, Whispering gently in the breeze, Nothing to be scared of, Not a person you should please, Tall and strong and grateful, Teach me your most inspiring ways, Send my roots down through the earth, And teach me how to sway.