Hour 6: I Am Here

Dearest Daughter,


Oh, how I have missed our mother daughter conversation

Those nightly recaps of your day

about the comings and goings of the grandkids

Their activities …


I’ve missed walking with you, giving motherly guidance 

A new recipe, the best way to remove 

that stubborn stain…

because you are never too old to learn a new trick


Even though my words went unspoken

In those last quiet years, my voice stolen

I was always talking to you

I was always listening

And now that I am gone

I am still listening

I am still here

I am in the cool mist, drifting off the lake

I am in the trees that bend into canopy  of shade

I am daffodils that bow in the sun

A rainbow after rain

I am your shelter and your fire


I am everywhere and always with you






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