Hour 9: Dark Cherries and Summer Afternoons


Hot, humid Ohio summer,

1970 something…

 a sluggish afternoon

rocking on porch glider, melting just a little

dark cherries staining our hands red

spitting the pits into the yard, seeing how far

they go, hoping, next year our own cherry 

tree will sprout

3 thoughts on “Hour 9: Dark Cherries and Summer Afternoons

  1. Good Day,
    This brings images of summer fun, and just as another wrote “peach pits or watermelon seeds,” I could substitute “purple-blue-blackberries” here in Missouri. I laughed at your phrase “1970 something. . . ” followed by “a sluggish afternoon” because I loved those long summers, slugs and all. Even though this is about the sluggish, long summer, there comes looking forward (perhaps a dream of some grander ambition?) with the hope for a new cherry tree next summer. Very nice, indeed. . . .
    Everything is too rushed now, so I take this poem as a gentle reminder to slow down.

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