#11 berlin

a city that kept a girl, i knew,

we shared the same name, which berlin says

once again, at this time, almost new.

i have been invited. but will i find her standing

cigarette in hand, in love, with the same man?

trusting pills, but not intuition, following ego and hedonism,

breeding obsession, praying for money, and

finally, bowing down in tearful submission. the dream

stays still in berlin, not breathing or moving, tacked

in congealed delirium, called living in the moment.

from the intestine, time never passes, a döner

can be eaten within the spasm of a denial, and

genau is more than necessary. peter pan made

here his heaven but for me, i choose to leave

the place of the fools. i’ve replaced shields to

skin, still wary of the land of discarded visions, yet ready,

to join in the final requiem for the girl, whose giggles,

i may have forgot.

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