Hard to say “I’m sorry”

Open mouth and insert foot

Something you wish you had never done

It’s easy to do, and hard to take back.

Words can sting, and words can often hurt


It’s hard to say “I’m sorry.”  


Someone punches you in the face.

Do you feel you should give a quick hit?  

Tempting to do, but will it be a quick fix?  

Bruises and scrapes take time to fade.


It’s Hard to Say “I’m Sorry.”  


What if your rights were taken away?

You have worked so hard,

to be where you are.

No one should stand in your way.  


It’s Hard to Say  “I’m sorry.”  


A smile could brighten the mood.

A firm handshake is also good.

Maybe a gentle embrace would work.

Do it l’ike you mean it, whatever you choose,

Because it’s hard to say “I’m sorry.”  


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