Bipolar to me #24

Happy , Sad, Excited , Mad,

What emotion now?

Everyone is so happy,

will I survive some how?

One day I’m going to conquer,

the world and all my goals.

Next thing I know,

I am stuck in bed so low.

What is it like I wonder ?

To be like all of you?

To live each day okay,

and not wonder what to do?

To wake up and wonder if today,

will be good , bad or utterly sad.

to know that you have no clue,

That all you can do is wake up,

And hope to be the happy you.

Welcome to bipolar it is a guessing game,

Only people who understand live with the shame.




5 thoughts on “Bipolar to me #24

  1. It takes true talent to communicate the thoughts in this poem. I also wondered what it was like to be “normal,” but in the end, we are who we are, and the same fiber optics that carry depression and mania seem to also emit the signals of our creativity. Great job with this poem!!

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