Gone #13

I drive by places that remind me of you,

You are every where, always in view,

I cannot find you though, no matter how hard I try,

It gets worse and worse , as days go by.


I wonder if you know how bad my heart aches?

That I cry out of nowhere, from my heart breaks,

That I think I see you when random strangers walk by,

I don’t know what to do, I wanna stay sober , I try.


What if I find you, or if you show up at the door,

I get my hopes up sometimes, then I fall to the floor,

Hope is hard, but letting go would kill me fast,

You are my future, not a part of my past.


I hope you know, every night I leave the light on,

I can’t admit that your missing, I pretend that your gone,

Gone to a friends, or maybe to summer camp once again,

Atleast then I can sleep without nightmares now and then.

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