Remember when . Poem 5

Remember When:

Remember when we moved into the little house on the corner of the street,

Where people would walk by and some we would get to meet,

When smiling and laughing happened more than anger and crying,

When people seemed more honest and not always lying.


I remember when we were safe and sound,

Then at the safest place in the would it all around,

Evil entered where we thought we were safe,

Life went dim, the day that I was raped.


My home, my safe place , I hated it there,

Noone could see through me to know or to care ,

I had to run , the streets became home,

Noone understood why I wanted to be alone.


Running away until my legs got sore,

I got pregnant , couldn’t run anymore.

It was time to find a new place to remember when,

To watch my child grow with his little friends.


3 kids now , two adults as they say,

We have had many homes along the way,

Now we are waiting to find the last place to call home,

So everyone will have a safe place with a promise to never be alone.

One thought on “Remember when . Poem 5

  1. You take us through a roller coaster of emotions in this by stating the story and the feelings clearly. I’m glad it ends with some sense of peace.

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