Hour 19 – Sleep Juices

My sleep juice is slow.
I feel it pooled in my knuckles,
soaked into supposedly
dexterous tendons.
I see it fizz in my eyes,
a clinging veil just
vaguely frosted.
It takes a few minutes
of clenching fists
and wiping glasses
for the sleep juice to retreat,
sucked back to brain
through waking nerves.
I hope my sleep juice
doesn’t weigh down
my face into basset hound
eyes and jowl like
I see it in my sister,
always betraying
when you’ve caught her
after an oddly-
timed nap.

One thought on “Hour 19 – Sleep Juices

  1. “Sleep Juice” what a wonderful image and phrase!
    You have a wonderful way of entwining the seriousness with the playful all the while conveying great images – portraits – the basset hound eyes/jowls the betrayed truth on sister’s face…. delightful.

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