Death of Consumption

To never need to eat again or drink or ingest oxygen. No death required, of any kind, to feed any, all life forms.

It was the day consumption died.

Many freaked out, how would they make a living or what would they do with their weekends, if shopping was no longer an option.

This was the day consumers cried.

To give and take is all we know. How do we function if not with that goal in mind? What do we do? Where do we go? How do we live?

Without this all-consuming consumption.

Whether blessing or curse, we’ve yet to determine. Even Mother Earth and Father Time can’t seem to find their bearings. Even it seems…

They were born for consuming.

What is this world, what is our purpose, if consumption actually were to die? Might we die too or live on for other purposes: connection, contemplation, or something better.

I say, “die, consumerism, die.”



2 thoughts on “Death of Consumption

  1. Very deep. This is a thought that I have all the time. If you’ve ever read Ayn Rand’s Anthem, I always fear what will happen with the light bulb. I once designed a model that could produce near infinite energy for a very cheap cost. Then I realized, if I could come up with something like that, surely someone else before me has. I realized that power companies would do everything in their power to prevent something like that from happening. The people at the top like to stay at the top. If everyone’s the same, there isn’t a top for them to be on anymore.

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