Nobody Talks To

There are people that nobody talks to.

People like Allison, Greta, and Stan.

Allison lost both her arms in a car wreck. Losing arms isn’t like losing a leg. Wheelchair-bound is a common disability. Not easy to live with but regularly seen. Armless girls, well, nobody talks to these.

Having outgrown her girlish figure, skin’s luster gone, replaced with wrinkling. Greta doesn’t know how to exist in her body anymore. The fears run deep, who will I be when nobody talks to me?

Stan’s heard voices his whole life. They come to him whispered, but not from another world. The thoughts are from those around him, anyone he touches, who then thinks a word. Nobody touches Stan.

There are people that nobody talks to.

Like Allison, Greta, and Stan.

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4 thoughts on “Nobody Talks To

  1. Ooh, this gave me chills. In Norse mythology, there are people who are ‘Veiled’. I mentioned Lofn before, she has an adopted daughter named Sjofn, Goddess of toys, little girls, and the ‘Veiled’. Everyone sees the ‘Veiled’ but no one speaks to them. It’s the homeless man on the street asking for change. It’s the person sobbing into a drink at the bar. No one speaks to the ‘Veiled’ because to do so makes them fall deeper into the Veil. And if one of them speaks to you, you must not listen, because to do so will make you ‘Veiled’ too.

  2. Yup. Like it. Also like the prompt strategy.

    As an aging psychic martial artist who taught kids with disabilities a very long time, I can relate. Nice clear evocative character sketches surrounding the central idea.

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