Anthology Submissions are Open

Submissions to the 2021 Poetry Marathon Anthology are open now and will stay open through the 25th of July!

We our pleased to announce that our editor this year is

Read our guidelines carefully before submitting.

All submissions must include two poems, no more, no less. Only one submission per person.

All submissions must be made via the email address –

DO NOT email us at the email address we use for all other communications!

The subject line of all emails must be Poetry Submission. Poems must be included in the body of the email.

All poems submitted must be written during the 2021 Poetry Marathon. All poems should be completely edited and as much as possible contain no major grammatical errors. Revisions are allowed and encouraged before submitting. Please check your punctuation. All poems should be single spaced. Any extra space will probably be interpreted as a stanza break. 

The first word of every line should not have a capitalization unless it is intentional! Word has an auto caps feature that you can turn off by following the instructions below.

To turn off automatic capitalization, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Tools. | AutoCorrect Options.
  2. On the AutoCorrect tab, deselect the Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences check box, and click OK.

You must indicate which hour each poem was written in. Only poets who completed the whole or half marathon will be eligible to submit. Also indicate your location. Please include a link to your page on the Poetry Marathon.

Thank you for following the guidelines! I know they might seem a little strict but they make it possible to put together an anthology in a few months. The anthology should be published this fall.

There is no guarantee that by submitting your poem will be selected, although the goal is to include one poem by everyone who submits.

After the poems are published in the anthology all rights return to you.

Digital copies will be made available for free to any contributor. Print copies will be available for a reasonable price and any money that is made from selling the anthology will go towards covering the cost of the marathon.

Poems should be cut and pasted into the body of the email. If the formatting is important you can attach it as .doc or .docx.

This year’s anthology editor is Cynthia Hernandez.

Cynthia Hernandez experiences life as poetry and expresses it through writing, photography, visual arts, and her relationships. Born and raised in Washington State, Cynthia has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with rain, sun, wind, trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, and the vast waters of the Puget Sound. When not writing, taking photos of birds, flowers or sunsets, or throwing herself into her work at King County government, Cynthia can be found in conversation, celebration and presence with her son Gabe, family, and friends. Cynthia has self-published two collections of poetry and is working on a third. She has thrice completed the full Poetry  and looks forward to it each year. .

A few words from this Cynthia Hernandez:
Congratulations Poets! Whether you completed the Half Marathon or the Full, doing so is a great accomplishment– and hopefully a ton of fun and a chance to connect.  When thinking about your two submissions, I know it’s often a tough decision. To help you choose, here are a few things you might consider: the anthology is a collection representative of the process of the marathon, the practice of writing, and the sharing of something about yourself with the community of poet participants, and with the readers of the collected poems. As is true with all art, there is value both to the process and to the product, value both to the artist and to the consumer of art. We get to choose what we want to share. What readers take away from what we share is up to them. And you can’t imagine how much appreciation or inspiration or insight or enjoyment your poetry may bring to its readers. Seek input from fellow poets, friends, or family if you wish, but know that there is not a wrong choice. Congratulations again! I look forward to reading your submissions, and I will be in touch with results as soon as I can and typically within a week or two. Please be attentive to the submission requirements to facilitate smooth and timely processing! It’s going to be a great anthology!


8 thoughts on “Anthology Submissions are Open

  1. Do you want to the poem to be submitted as a pdf or word? I don’t use word. I use word perfect. If you want word can I submit as word perfect document? Should the name of the Poet be on the poem? Do you want the poet’s location and the hour to be in the poem or just in the email?
    Thank you.

    1. It can be copied and pasted into the body of the email then. We cannot accept PDF’s because there is no way to transfer them out of that format without reformatting on it.The poets location and hour can be on the poem. We’ve updated the post to clarify. Thank you!

    1. No, unfortunately they aren’t. We’ve had a lot of requests to incorporate photos and art into the interior of the anthology, over the years, but it’s not entirely possible. It’s really hard to monitor the quality in terms of printing on that, and it adds another element in the already extensive layout process.

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