Editor Applications and Art Submissions Now Open

Editing Position

For the first time this year we are going to have two editors¬† – although we are still planning on publishing only one anthology. One editor will be in charge of the half marathon section of the anthology. The other editor will be in charge of the full marathon section of the anthology. You can see what last year’s looked like here.

We’re able to pay each editor of the anthology $350 USD. It is still a lot of work for the payment, and we want editors to approach the position with that in mind.

The Poetry Marathon Anthology is many writers’ first publication, and others’ hundredth, but it is always a clear representation of the range of people who participate in the event. The editor is expected to choose one poem out of two that participants can submit, to publish in the anthology. They’re also expected to organize them in an order they feel is engaging, and to keep track of participant information, and write a brief one to two page introduction. Optionally they can organize the anthology with subheadings.

The goal this year is for editors to respond to all submitters by September 1st, although the anthologies need not be organized by that point. The anthology itself is usually published in early December.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the editors of this year’s anthology, send an email to poets@thepoetrymarathon.com, with a link to your poetry marathon profile/blog, and a paragraph or two explaining your previous experiences. CVs are not needed. Please make it clear if you are applying to be the full marathon editor or the half marathon editor.¬† Applicants for the full marathon should have completed the full marathon before, the same goes for the half marathon position. If you have not participated in the marathon at all before, please do not apply. Previous editors of the anthology should also not apply. We want to feature new editors every year.

We close to submissions on May 26th. We will respond to applicants by the first of June

Artwork Submissions

We are also open to artwork submissions from anyone, previous marathoner or otherwise. If your art has been on the cover before, do not submit again. We want to feature new artists every year.

Work must belong to you and you must be comfortable with us turning it into a book cover (digitally of course).

You can submit something that already exists or link to your previous art work examples and offer something new. No more than five pieces of artwork can be submitted per person. Any medium is allowed, as long as it can be turned into a print book cover. High quality resolution images are a must, though your initial submissions can be lower resolution.

We tend to chose images that either have space for the title and editor’s name built into the image or an image that can be interrupted by the title or editors name. We have never chosen an image featuring winter or specific holidays/overtly religious, but other that we are open to most images.

We will respond to applicants that we are not interested in by the end of June, but may make our final selection between a few artists in July or August, once the anthology nears completion.

We close to art work submissions on June 20th. Please send work to poets@thepoetrymarathon.com.

If you have any question about either position please send us an email at poets@thepoetrymarathon.com.

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