Poetry Marathon Update

Sign up is still open for the 2021 Poetry Marathon! You can sign up here. Sign up will only be open til 9 PM on the 19th of June

We’ve had a lot of people sign up for the poetry marathon this year. Over 300 people and counting.

Right now about 60% have signed up for the half marathon – 12 poems in 12 hours, and 40% have signed up for the full marathon – 24 poems in 24 hours.

The marathon itself will start at 9 AM ET on the 26th of June and go till 9 AM on 27th.

This is an international event with participants from all around the globe. Generally 500 people attempt the marathon. You do not have to be a poet to participate. To find out how to convert your timezone go here.

To learn more go here. To sign up go here.

We will get back to applicants on a rolling basis. Most people who apply will be accepted. If you have not heard from us a week after applying please send us an email at poets@poetrymarathon.com. Please do not try and contact us through the FB page.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Marathon Update

  1. Hello!
    I attempted to convert the time zone, so I know when to start… however became terribly muddled.
    I’m a wordsworth, and not good with numbers.

    I live near Brisbane Queensland Australia…. can someone please tell me when I am supposed to begin?
    Thank you!

    1. 9 AM ET is 11 PM (on the same day the 26th in Australia). Which I think means starting at 8 AM on the 27th for a half marathon (which can start at anytime) would have you finishing before the cut off. Hopefully this helps!

    1. For the half you would be fine for the full you would have to start at 11 PM which is rough. What some people have done in the past is slept for a few hours and then played catch up, but that would be tricky from that starting point, and it does change the way the marathon feels.

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