Prompt 14, Hour 11

Write a poem as a letter to a former version of yourself. Make that fact clear in the title. For example it could be called “Dear Former Self” or it could be much more specific such as “Dear Caitlin, Age 19 with the Broken Nose”.

The poem itself can focus on your past self or the future that is coming for it, or something else entirely.

2 thoughts on “Prompt 14, Hour 11

  1. Just As You Are

    Dear Sandi, as a teenage dreamer
    the first man you love is not a keeper
    the art school path was just passe
    instead a four year college may
    Win a better job today

    You need not look like models fair
    a thousand calorie diets beware
    you’re imperfect, but never fear
    weight is not the problem, dear

    How you look it matters not
    back then you’ll see what you now ought
    that diets don’t work, no matter what
    just three meals a day
    and overeat, do NOT.

    Learn from errors, love carefully
    be the kindest you can be
    linger not in past or future
    wasted time is all a blur.

    Just live for today, and may
    you always pray and stay
    reminded always of this tome
    so when someday when wrongs go then
    just start anew, begin again.

    -Sandra Johnson, 6/22/19

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