7 thoughts on “Prompt 9, Hour 7

  1. (theme of “ghost lives” from the song)


    Another day over, another day gone
    With nothing to show for and nothing else done.
    No closer to winning or leaving the maze.
    Another brief moment that’s lost in the haze.

    So stuck in today, never pausing to think
    Tomorrow’s another today on the brink.
    The future’s erasing itself through the now.
    We must find a way to slow it somehow.

    Before we lose all our tomorrows.

  2. Onesmius victor

    Not all do find this privilege
    To sit under your shade
    And discuss the matter grave
    Calling your immedate surveillance.

    Difficult was to even think
    That life will be back
    Until I saw him blink
    Even for long being sunk.

    Ray of hope peeped in
    Delivering desire keen
    Within the heart so clean
    To see you back again.

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