Prompts for Hour Twenty-Three

Text Prompts

G.K. Chesterton once wrote “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

Use this as a prompt to write about cheese. If you’re looking for a little extra inspiration look no further than Benjamin Garcia’s wonderful Bliss Point or What Best Can be Achieved by Cheese.

Image Prompt

These long exposure photographs of fireflies in a Japanese forest are the image prompts for this hour.

and just in case those don’t work for you

4 thoughts on “Prompts for Hour Twenty-Three

    1. I love grilled cheese 🙂 was it pro grilled cheese or against? I think I’ll have to write one after the marathon about the joys of a grilled cheese and a bowl of tomato soup <3
      One of those combinations that stay comfort food since childhood for a lot of people, I think 🙂

  1. I’ve written a few poems to cheese or about cheese and one about making cheese (goat cheese to be specific). It is underwritten about though 🙂 I think it’s because it’s fairly personal when you get into boutique cheeses, you either love one type or despise it. If you can’t stand Cheshire (I mean I think most people love it, it’s delicious, truly epic cheese) it would be unreadable to hear poetry about it!
    I had some cheese I couldn’t stand, it was Scandinavian. My husband loved it and could have written an Edda on the subject.
    I’m a huge cheese person normally, even the ones that are no-go for a lot of people like blue cheese and feta etc are delicious to me, especially served with the right things.
    Yep, I could right about cheese for good and bad lol

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