4 thoughts on “Prompts for the Third Hour

  1. The Womb Gambles With The Brain

    I lay in your lap
    as protruding life

    slightly grazes my flushed face
    a life not even into existence

    while my body continues
    to twitch with more life

    than maybe my brain
    had pleaded for in the womb.

    They had tried to barter
    but my brain doesn’t like to gamble

    it’s not one for risk
    and the womb was all about risk taking.

    The brain keeps trying to rid it
    of it’s addictive habits

    Push it out the door-
    you are unwelcome here

    don’t you dare come back inching close
    like the snail I saw on my path I could care less about

  2. Life’s Message

    Don’t give up,
    You can make it if you can,
    Life is full of troubles beyond our view,
    Don’t despair,
    All will end well,
    You can make it if you can,
    You can make it if you can.

  3. Life is a gift
    to be alive is a blessing
    no matter what color or colors
    you may be blessed with-
    white black brown yellow or pink
    let us think! Let us think !
    Let us all be together like the foliage
    on the lone tree, one trunk,one rooted place
    all to breath the same air,
    all to move in the same space.
    All in harmony
    All in acceptance.

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