HOUR TEN ~ Big Sharp Pointy Teeth



maybe we aren’t bunnies after all

we cry, we bite, we stomp the ground

we could be dangerous if pressed

we have fluff but we have fangs too


and no it’s not a quest for the holy grail

although some will think it should be

especially if some call him tim

there’s blood and bones but we look so innocent


pat warned us how love was a battlefield

we knew it was a dangerous game

but we believed in the stories we tell

through our bodies and our eyes


we’re not just hungry and horny

though one could be forgiven for thinking so

there’s a rage to all the niceties

bundled in the center of our cuddle puddle


so maybe just consider that a warning

kindness comes worthwhile for its own sake

but if that motivation won’t make do

fear can stand in with a smile and suffice

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