Seemingly Perfect,

larger than life,

accented by charm,

neck without the knife,

The Take

is not handsome, Bob.

The Queen must play the Virgin,

so the Lawless don’t go Sweeny Todd.

From your Inception,

the Brothers Banded.

We’d All Be Kings,

if the Legend could stand it.

The Knight is not Dark yet,

so Rise to the fame,

them shoulda’s, Rock-n-Rolla,

in that airplane Bane.

And though The London Roads your Drop,

I’m reppin’ for the US, Locke.

Aware your Heights are Riley,

my Wuthering the same,

my Warrior’s beside me.

We share the same name.

Let’s not get it twisted,

Inheritance, Thick as Thieves,

flowetry flood misted,

Reckoning The flow increase.

So, Batter Up,

the Cakes Layered,

Scenes of Nature, to far a trip

don’t really like to Sucker Punch,

Sexual flood, I’d rather skip.

Wrong choice, This Means War,

where you at? Peaky Blinders,

no Kleenex, when Louise’ 44

still your Child,  no reminders.

Tip of the iceberg,

talent untold,

gonna Fury Road till your old.

September 15 the day we party,

It’s hard to be Tom,

when your Hardy.

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