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The breeze caressed my face
As I turned the page in the novel I’m reading
With a cup of coffee
Sitting on the balcony facing a garden

Roses, tulips, and jasmine
along with basil, and a few other herbs
carefully tended to for both vegetation
and aesthetic pleasure

A small bird taking a shower
in the water fountain and bird shower
A golden running around the garden
getting the freshly mown grass-green on its mane

An instrumental music playing behind
Of a post rock band I discovered recently
I turn another page in the novel
and take a sip from the cup of coffee

My office decorated with papers
my poetry and musings attached across the wall
my notice board, filled with strings and thumbtacks
and a bunch of books, waiting to be read

A guitar placed on the stand
with the amplifier close by
Recording equipment set aside
and my favorite Vinyl records lying around

Nothing says home like a place
where one feels most natural
This is where I am at home
When I am propelled to do what’s meaningful

-Surya T

One thought on “Home | Surya T | Poetry Marathon Poem 24

  1. I like this. It’s much easier to do meaningful things when in an environment where you are comfortable. I can visualize what you are writing and it is soothing in it’s familiarity. Thanks for writing and sharing

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