No words

It is now hour ten
and I do not have more words
Try as I might the well has run dry
and my brain is no longer crafting phrases

I have searched my mind
Even in the deep recesses
Still I am forced to stare at a blank page
desperate to find something usable

This is the truest commentary
that though I searched no words were found
That this way I have chosen to define myself
will ultimately prove to be a lie

2 thoughts on “No words

  1. When you’re under as much stress as the Poetry Marathon can incite – and streaming on twitch the entire time – AND trying to deal with friends and strangers all at the same time I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have an hour or two where the words just don’t want to agree with you or flow as easily as you’re used to. I love how sometimes these are the poems we need most though.

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