The World Creates

The world creates small and impossible things

Something that is and always has been forgotten to others

Things that only exist to those that take turns and watch them grow

Small things that no one can see

Or just things that that have become inconvenient to most

Those that find the world to slow in its turning and too slow to be noticed

Will never see the small things that are being made and frown in the world around

There is always something more than the big things that you can see so well

What of the sunset you see as you quietly sit on a bench under a tree

Maybe it’s the bird that wakes you in the morning as you lay in bed and smile

It could be smile you get when you have the one person say how much they care for you

The small things are what we miss the most when no one is watching

They are sometimes the beginning of the day

And at other times they end the day on a smile

The world races around itself in hopes that things will one day be better

And yet no one had come to the thought or the ides that the world’s race is what helps everyone miss the small things

To slow down and see the world as it has always been

Would be something that no one in this world is willing or wanting to do

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