It was normal to me

It was scorching hot

and it was mid summer

Mama and Papa had gone to the relatives

Leaving me under the care of Chris and Kirk.


Kirk was looking at his left

Not eyeing me

But he’s eyeing the hawker

who was selling ice-cream

at the side road


I kept pestering him about the graffiti on the wall

how I would love to add

green, pink and orange

on the male Asian Black Bear of his

He just glared at me

and sticking his tongue out

trying to show his annoyance


I skidded one,two steps

when Chris called from the front

“Stop, it. You’re gonna get tired”

Kirk and I looked at each other

and giggle were left out

so abruptly


“Where are you headed”


“So hurried

so enthusiast”


“I’m going to find the treasure

no matter what”


“O’ really!”

Me and Kirk both answered

almost simultaneously

Chris just shook his head



We are almost there

The pottery plants are starting to show up


20 more steps from here’


Chris was thinking of a rag doll to be played with

Kirk was admiring a cold, sweet and alluring milky ice-cream

and I was impatient to seat in the shades, away from the heat.

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