Had to

A rusty, unmanageable gate welcomed her the second her eyes rest on it


A season of dry and blazing heat of Kedah make those smelly bubbles gallop happily from armpit


A carpet of not-designed-as-dry dying grass became the food of her foot, she strode gently across them, in fear of destroying the nature even more.

However, the ugliness of the garden could not escape her abusive words.


A salon barber’s chair with questionable purpose was left stranded at the porch, her eyes rolled upwards.

As if the baboons really cared for their well-being, such asset was left without extensive care.


A made-for-lazy clothes line with scrap metal look was on her left.

Which she just ignore the existence altogether.


A warm and cozy parlor, completed with nature’s look, with a little bit of modern touch, sooth her heart.

At least,those two baboons still possess little intelligence to keep it the way it is.


A big house, with two parlor, just met a downgrade in taste when she came in contact with the second, totally because of such importance to maintain had left their grasp.

Sometimes her mother would swear on the baboons while walking from the parlor to the kitchen.


But no matter what the baboons did,

the importance of such big house,

still hold great meaning towards its once-in-awhile residents

that’s why, she held in her breath, hiding all her disgust, and putting up her best smile,

started walking towards the kitchen,

to meet her beloved love.

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