Hour 1- The Temp-ress

She summoned the wave to her vicinage,

Purely with the strength of the soul,

The tide obeying her like she was the moon,

A tempest slowly gathering around her.

A smile on her face as she played with the current,

Testing its limits as she tested her own,

“You will always be with me, won’t you?”, she crooned,

Her hand cupping the brine dripping out.

“The ocean is my friend, and me, her slave.

I am only a reflection of the light each drop holds.”

She ruled the currents of the ocean with her power,

Yet she knew it could break rope and wood to smithereens.

“It is why”, she said as she stepped on the beach, barefoot,

“I surrender myself before I can conquer.

For how will the ocean reject a gift of bone and sinew?”

She stepped into its fore and the ocean, oh, she took her in.

Note: The title is a play on the words ‘tempest’ and ‘temptress’, owing to the protagonist looking to tempt the ocean into taking her in when she rejects everyone and everything else.


Side note for the people who are still here: Just this morning in the beach I asked the ocean to come say hi and it miraculously did.

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