Hour 6- Paws and Breathe

Always been someone who stays in the moment,

My friends grounding me to the present if I stray too far.

Preparing for the next battle that comes my way and not,

Think too far in time and tire of controlling.

But sometimes it’s a pleasure to dream of a land,

In a faraway queen-dom that I would one day arrive at,

A future worth all the hard work put in the path.

So hold my hand and I’ll take you thereā€¦

It’s a cold morning with the sun hiding behind clouds,

A calm blue colouring the space we call the sky,

Birds chirping calmly as they go about their business,

The smell of petrichor signalling the looming rains.

Your feet hit the ground with a sense of purpose,

As you walk around trying to tie all loose ends,

The soft smell of the sea wafting up to where you’re sitting,

As you hear the patter of paws of the dog you call yours.

You bend down to their height not caring of the sand down,

And they launch themselves at you with all that they’ve got,

You wonder if it’s the strength of the love that you share,

Because, oh, you love them so much and you know they love you too.

Soft music, the kind you like, is playing in the background,

And the smell of your favourite dish reaches you,

There’s laughter pouring in from all the sides,

And you’ve achieved everything you could possibly want.

As another year with your dog goes by,

You sit down to do some reminiscing of the good old days,

That was today, Of the memories that were only yesterday,

For you’ve lived through everything every day has to offer you…

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