17 Flying Flags

Though a country road

Hundreds pass each morning

Off to work, school, errands

Passing a slow pace

By my home with the

Maple out front


My mission as messenger

Is to inform and remind

Humanity that there are others

And to the others

That I am trying

To understand


Trans flag

BLM flag

Green planet flag

Old Glory

Pride flag

ERA flag


Adding to this collection

When I learn something new

Neighbors BLM flag stolen

There’s work to be done



2 thoughts on “17 Flying Flags

  1. The stillness of the opening stanza – your home with the ‘Maple out front’ – begins to ripple beautifully as you lead us through the poem and begin to describe your ‘mission as messenger’ which is a complete joy to read! I can just imagine the flags flying before your home. The final stanza – practical and yet deeply human (your willingness to learn and your awareness that your neighbour’s BLM flag has been stolen so ‘There’s work to be done’) is truly moving. You haven’t added too much emotion to this observation, so the practical way in which you notice the absence of the BLM flag and what that absence represents – makes even more of an impact and underlines your quiet determination. Beautiful.

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