23 Unwilling Roommate

Houseplants are foster children

I have purchased none of them

Arriving hearing my apologies

Unwanted gifts to be kept alive


Holding that all things green

Belong outdoors where God planted

Them on one of those seven days

My yard holds nothing premeditated


Almost with regret I water the

Five-foot avocado casually grown

On a whim after a spicy dinner

With guacamole chips and Margaritas


Opposed to the death penalty

Committed to sustaining existing

Life here in my home I must water

Or commit homicide risking court


4 thoughts on “23 Unwilling Roommate

  1. I love the wry tone of this and smiled all the way through reading it! To be a reluctant gardener of such a brute of a plant – which was so casually grown on a ‘whim’ – no doubt after all those Margaritas? Brilliant!

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