Spider Widow

Spider Widow


How often I told you things

All the time a running conversation

Out loud even when apart

We talked for twenty years, always


When the dog died we mourned

For she was our stream of consciousness

Wondering what she was doing and

Thinking of us, our dear mother


Then you died months later

Leaving me without a living creature

To volley my thoughts and observations

Creating a sudden halt to my being


There was no one to care the blue house

Had been painted green or sold or still there

That the neighbor’s cat visited our yard

While the crows watched from the maple


I have taken to sharing with window spiders

Who care little of my opinions

But keep their distance while I explain

The Universe as I see it


Tolerating my tearful moments

We have established a useful truce and

I must admit I appreciate the company

Their wisdom to allow me the stage


TobeTT  #2

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