Prompt 7 (Ocean photo)

I snap pictures
and spend my time on the sand
where the land greets the ocean
its mystery silences me

It has taught me it’s beauty in being unknown
there are few certain answers
nothing wrong should ever overstay a welcome
either way it is bound to leave debris behind
allow the waves to tell you a story of calm
the serene will transport you to a understanding

of you rarely being truly honest with yourself
The ocean whispers
permission for me to let others admire from afar
and tell themselves stories

It’s crashing waves send indirect reminders
that what you see in it, is a reflection of all the things you are.

One thought on “Prompt 7 (Ocean photo)

  1. Beautiful thoughts, but the shift of the narration from I/me to an abstract person giving opinions breaks the reader’s concentration. This will be very nice if you can smooth that out.

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