I do not always rhyme while writing
but when I do there is a wonder, what drives this silly mind?

It is like Dr. Seuss on crack
the flow~it is unstoppable
when the soul is open~flowing

Baby steps they say, and one has to begin somewhere
Now~ a new day and the words come out how they come
allow All to flow~no holding back~have fun

This is the same in life right now
leaping, that one of faith
at the same time staying grounded

All of this is interesting, to say the least

believing we are enough
right where we sit

belief in the unseen
belief in you
belief in me

Belief in all that is Created
including you-
believe, it is free

The belief that you too are enough
just breathe,

Breathe through life’s moments
beginning with the start
you see You are a miracle and nothing short

Each day is a gift that is given
a “Present” as some say
what we do with each moment
makes a difference down the way

Each choice
each direction brings the next
Enjoy this Now forever, that is how we make time stop.

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