Hour 11

** Him **

He, has brown eyes and brown hair.
His laugh gets me every time on Skype.
He loves me for me.

He is smart.

If you saw him the way I do.
Well, then we have a problem.
Because he’s mine.

And I love him.
He’s romantic and cheesy.
But serious when he needs to be.

He’s scared I’m going to leave.
Even after I tell him I’m not.
He’s mine.

He wishes that one day we can finally meet.
He wants to hold me.
Kiss me.

He never implies it,
but I know he wants to ask me,
to never stop loving him.

The late night cute texts from him,
are so adorable.
I love him.

He, never fails me.
He makes me smile when I don’t want to.
He is there when my anxiety comes.

He, is the perfect man for me.
He is the love of my life, the one we want us to be each others firsts.
He is the only and always will be the man I love.

~April Sue Kraniak~

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