Hour 8

**Cinderella (Dark Twist) **

Imagine you grew up
Playing Cinderella.
Daddy was the king.
Mommy was the queen.
The two mean girls at school are the evil step sisters.

Now, imagine.
Daddy barely knows you cry your eyes out to fall asleep at night.
Because the evil step sisters.
Mommy is still queen but knows nothing.

Instead of cleaning the house on the night of the ball.
You are bawling your eyes out.
Making more cuts that will turn into scars.

Instead of finding prince charming you found
your best friends which are a piece of metal,
your pen and paper, and hoodies.
No, ball gowns and no glass slippers.
Just hoodies and jeans.

Instead of marrying prince charming,
you leave the note on the bed,
Mom finds the note and screams for daddy.
You never went to the ball,
You never met prince charming,
You never married him,
Daddy never walked you down the isle.
You will be forever missed.
Even by those evil ‘step sisters’
Prince charming was the boy in your class who loved you deeply.
You would have found out sooner or later.
But, now we will never know.
We love you Cinderella.

~April Sue Kraniak~

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