Stairway from Sadness

Jeez brother, why are you so sad?

We get it, you’re growing up
We get it, it’s strange and weird
We get it, you’re leaving but why?
Why are you sad?

You’re about to enter that part of the Indie movie
Where the character sits by the window and just
Looks at the surrounding landscape while a dope
Soundtrack play in the back, so why are you sad?

You can do anything you want now.
You can go out to parties and sing
You can dress as cool as you are
Oh no, again? Why are you sad?

Listen to me as I have already been through the pain
I have been tried and tested and have pulled through
Don’t sit around and twiddle your silly thumbs like me
Go out, enjoy life, and do things with people or else
The question may just be, “Why was he so sad?”

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