And Now, Begin again Once More

And Now, Begin again Once More

At Dawn, be first out–
nimble, light and fast alone.
Dawn is the drop off.
Now we’re given our orders,
our orders to procreate.

We sat and waited.
Before sun up the earth smelled
easy, alive and like home.
Grunts were all prepped one last time
I knew they would not come home.

Nests among the ranks
all thrown together, shabby,
gaudy, purposeful….
all stuck together, drabby,
I’m willing to die, of course.

Next of kin, we hope
only to see them survive
next in line, is key
cause we’re fighting for the cause.
Everyone’s on the same team.

Mayflies assemble.
Orders straight from the front lines
Read aloud it’s time to pack,
everyone’s in the same stream.

Hour nineteen, 3 am
And Now, Begin again Once More
(form Acrostic/ Somonka variation)
Charlie the Mayfly.


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