Cat, Crate and Garden Gate

Cat, Crate and Garden Gate

Charlie watch your back
around you there is a cat
tracking the backyard.

Contained in a crate,
released free into the wild,
audibly adept.

The house cat is free,
everyone knows not to tease,
Anger a cat, no.

Never tease a cat
Do not get them wet. Water
gets them to react.

Artful and playful,
ruthless and vengeful. Hey cat,
don’t you smell a rat?

Even in low light,
near darkness is no problem.
Glowing in the dark.

Anticipate your
trip across the dish. Just don’t
enter in the light.

Hour seven, 3pm
Cat, Crate and Garden Gate.
(form Acrostic/ 7 Senryu)
Charlie the Mayfly.


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