Invincible and Ancient

Invincible and Ancient

It is true the Mayfly, Shad-fly, Fish-fly or Up-winged fly
named so because the long tail and wings don’t touch the belly.
Victorious, invincible and practically eternal the innocent
invertebrate is quite the insect. They have been around forever.
Note that they serve a very important purpose.
Creating a menu for those in the food chain above them.
Interesting fact; the Mayfly is amazing!
Before man, long before the dinosaurs
legions and legions of these winged short lived beauties
existed. Long ago, even before time.

And they have no time to eat
no time to talk, they have no mouth parts–
don’t speak. There is no time to sleep,

All they want to do, all they need to do…
need to do is reproduce and fill the seat.
Centuries and centuries they’ve been here
in perpetuity. Helping the farmers and the fishermen
earn a buck. If you come in contact with one they will
not harm you. Charlie couldn’t even hurt a fly.
The exquisite Ephemeroptera… or Mayfly to you and I.

Hour twelve, 8pm
Invincible and Ancient
(form Acrostic/ Free Verse)
Charlie the Mayfly.


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