Lives only to Breed

Lives only to Breed

Lives only to breed, to fulfill a need.
Inside the frog pond, he’s stuck to the pail..
Virtual mayflies in my mind all feed.
Eggs are like hope-seeds when planted to fail.
Solely alive long enough to create

one in the soil, at the end of the day.
New copies, reproduce and procreate.
Listen. Try to find a way through the fray.
You know there’s an important task at hand,

There is a new natural order of things
Order is the only rule of this land,

Broken, how the caged bird sings. When the slings
reach the fortress wall. King Bird landed soft.
Every egg exposed when mixed in the broth.
Every mayfly lives for breeding. Feeding
ducks and toads in mostly marshy seating.

Hour Three, 11 am
Lives only to Breed
(form Acrostic/ Sonnet 3 of 24)
Charlie the Mayfly.


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