Terror in America – 9/11

Terror in America – 9/11

Time exploded, yet again

In the face of hapless humankind

Desecrating the edifice of democracy

Another country, another place

They cry “blood – another world!”

Is it love, a bomb, a knife…

Is this war?

The spirit of Nostradamus runs amok

To capture the brave hearts

Issuing Fatwas against themselves

They come, they’re here

“Jihad” – they cry

Is it love, a hijack, four airplanes…

Is this war?

Days of mourning, and sleepless nights

Terrorized nations, terrorized people

And stunned the world over

They advance in soundless possession

“More” – they’re insatiable

Is it love, an explosion, two buildings…

Is this war?

Dead people alive in the rubble

Kicking concrete, eating steel

And families lost forever

Hundred Thousand human frailties

“Enough” – the rogues, we warn

Is it love, a citizen, a nation…

Is this war?


Hour 5


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