Logophile from NorCal

Hi, friends.  I’m Veronica, a writer from northern California. Grant proposals, reports, blogs, social media posts, profiles, pamphlets, brochures, homeschool curriculum, non-fiction books – whatever it takes. Those are all for other people.  I’m currently working on a novel and a collection of poems.  Those are for me. I used to tell people I wasn’t a poet until I realized how silly that is. To love words is to be a poet.

Why did I decide to join the Poetry Marathon?  I saw the post for it on Facebook and thought, “Why not? What better way to shake loose the creative cobwebs?”  I also did it because I’m not a joiner, but I need to connect with others.  This seemed like a good way.

I’m a wife, a mom, a writer, a San Francisco Giants fan, a dog lover, a woman of faith, a friend, an orphan, a sister, and a devotee of the Oxford comma. And that’s just a start.

I don’t plan to do anything special to prepare for the marathon. I’m not a stranger to all night writing sessions, so bring it on!

One thought on “Logophile from NorCal

  1. Hey Veronica!
    Just read through your work and oh boy! I think you ran me through a few emotions in succession and I may very well become used to it!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    The Bering Sea – made me think a lot, and it really hit home for me.

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