Hour 12 – Prompt 12 – Lessons from the sea

A full-day picnic on the beach
Watching tides weave their magic
Tireless, they hit the shore
Each wave feels like homecoming

For a few seconds, sand and sea meet
Each give a piece of themselves
Take something of the other
As they recede

They welcome all with open arms
Irrespective of the time of day
Across all seasons, through the year
Without looking at age, race, or color

They accept the giggles of children
They absorb the confusion of teens
They answer the queries at crossroads
They wash away the loneliness of old age

Their action remains the same each day
Only the intensity of their union changes
They teach life’s lessons to those willing to learn
They explain how each relationship works

People and seasons – come and go
Give them love or throw dirt into them
They focus only on their identity – to come and go

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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